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Fundraising Magic for just $1.99

When you connect a donor to your mission, you can make fundraising magic.

Donor engagement can feel hard in the Covid age, which is why I take so much joy in the ingenuity that some nonprofits are using to make that connection.

I recently took a beautiful hike with my daughter that rewarded us with a well-earned bench to sit on and a gorgeous view of the valley below. It felt life-affirming to be right there in that moment.

As we sat down, we noticed that someone had accidentally left their drawing materials in a plastic pencil box on the bench. Or so we thought. We opened the box and realized that the box had been left there on purpose for hikers like us to discover. It was a $1.99 spiral-bound notebook with a message taped on the cover. “HIKERS NOTEBOOK Share your inspirations or random thoughts from your hike.” It then informed us that volunteers take care of the beautiful hike we had enjoyed and if so inspired, to go to its website to volunteer or make a donation.

Great fundraising often results when you get the right person at just the right time with your ask. #sonomaoverlooktrail won me over at the summit!

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