Frequently Asked...

Do you work with all nonprofits of all shapes and sizes?

Absolutely, and our sweet spot is small and medium sized nonprofits.

Will you cultivate & solicit my donors for me?

The short answer is “no.” Your donors want to connect with you and your team, not a temporary consultant, and prioritizing these relationships will deliver you the best results. We will guide, teach and partner with you, your staff and your leadership team to improve your cultivation and stewardship skills so that “the ask” is a natural outcome of your efforts. Our objective is to increase organizational confidence in both the art and science of fundraising in a sustainable way so that you are successful long after Donor Boom is gone.

Can you guarantee that we’ll raise a certain amount of money?

Unfortunately, no. Success in fundraising is dependent on many factors -- both internal and external -- that look different inside each organization. What Donor Boom can guarantee is that you will get our full attention, passion for your project, our best ideas and the benefit of first-hand experience raising millions of dollars. 

Can you be my event planner?

We're betting your event could benefit from an injection of fundraising strategy to max out your ROI. And we can put together a great execution plan along with technology platform recommendations (for in person and virtual events).  But please leave the event details (e.g. caterers, parking, venue details) to one of DB's trusted event planning pals.  We are happy to make an introduction.

Are you a grant writer?

Grant writing is an important part of the fundraising mix. We can provide you with successful grant-writing practices and incorporate grants into your overall fundraising plans. But if you need help with grant writing, we recommend hiring an expert in this field.


Can I pay you on commission?  

Nope. Taking a percentage of the money a consultant helps raise is against the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) Code of Ethics. Like all AFP members, we have promised to put philanthropic mission above personal gain. Donor Boom charges project-based flat fees or hourly fees with clear objectives, timelines and deliverables.

Can you write my fundraising appeal for me?

Yes, Donor Boom loves this kind of work. There is no better way to get your strategic fundraising plan off the ground than to make your solicitation toolkit come to life in perfect alignment with your new growth strategy

Additional questions? Let's talk!

"Sari is an excellent leader, and exceeded all fundraising growth expectations. She gets great results!"
-- Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Retired Superintendent  

"There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

Edith Wharton