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Fundraising is a skill you can learn. Donor Boom makes it fun! These resources and tools will help you take your fundraising to the next level, and help you on your way to becoming a great fundraiser. 

The best way to cultivate new donors and retain existing donors is to communicate with them clearly about your mission. This little book will teach you how to write concisely and clearly in the fewest words possible. Purchase this gem.

On Writing Well book cover

Take your donor relationships to a whole new level by learning how to write a donor-centered letter. Unlike the book above, this one is specific to fundraising. Penelope Burk is the master of this craft. Purchase this one to up your game.

Donor Centered Fundraising book cover

The best way to establish trust on your website is to feature friendly, professional headshots of your staff and Board. No one will make you look better than Kristin Dokoza. Tell her Donor Boom sent you!

KDokoza HeadShot-73.jpg

Kristin Dokoza Photography

The Pixelmakers

Tell your nonprofit story with confidence. Get it right, and donors will respond in kind with their support. Kristin Link is my secret weapon. Nail that speech. Dazzle your next webinar audience. Make a marketing video! And call Kristin first.

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Kristin Link | Public Speaking Coach

Link Coaching


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