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How to Influence Generosity

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

So as a donor, what influences your generosity? How do you determine who you donate to and how much to give? Do you have a process to your decision-making? I bet it's a mix of careful research, gut and impulsiveness. That’s quite a lot to unpack.

Understanding and influencing how donors make decisions motivates me greatly, especially if it helps my nonprofit clients raise more money for a worthwhile cause.

Behavioral economics is one of my obsessions. It applies psychological insight into human behavior to explain our economic decision-making. Nobel prizewinning psychologist Daniel Kahneman pioneered this field and his work has had a profound effect on my approach to fundraising. His research-based findings around the dynamics of our decision-making (both rational and irrational) can be harnessed into a fundraising strategy to help positively influence the decisions potential donors make.

Looking forward to reading his latest book, Noise, now in hand. I love finding a gem of an idea elsewhere and bringing it home!

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