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Why Should I Trust You?

A donation is a profound act of trust.

When a donor makes a gift, they believe that these funds will be used responsibly to advance your organization's mission. Your Board of Directors is responsible for this financial oversight and your staff leadership team is on the frontline of your programming where these funds are put to best use.

So why should I trust you?

I recommend giving your Board and your staff a little star power on your website. Put a face to the name. Share their impressive qualifications, which is more valuable than 'background', and if they have a strong connection to your mission, share it with your potential donors. Collectively, this is your leadership team, and as your potential donor evaluates every aspect of your organization, these people give you credibility.

Another side benefit to increasing your Board and Staff's visibility on your website is that it is a form of public recognition. This is a key ingredient to great donor stewardship. You ask a lot of your Board and Staff, and it's an honorable gesture to reward them with a deserving spotlight.

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