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Nonprofit Gold

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

As I’ve mentioned previously, your donors aren’t tracking their donations to your nonprofit as carefully as you are. Your CRM database is a powerful tool that you have and they don’t, and this very information can help your donor feel even closer to your mission if you use it right.

In all likelihood, your donor:

  • doesn’t remember what they gave last year;

  • assumes they did give last year (even if they did not);

  • has no recall as to the number of years they’ve supported your mission;

  • would be stunned if you shared how much they’ve given to you in their lifetime.

Imagine how much more financial support you’d receive from your donor if you made this info readily accessible…in a clever way. You can release a donation summary to your donors for tax purposes. You can integrate last year’s donation into this year’s solicitation letter. You can share their lifetime giving total into an incredibly powerful handwritten thank you letter.

Your CRM database is nonprofit gold. Share the wealth with your donors.

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