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How to Grow Your Donors

Whether you’re growing plants or donors, a cultivation plan is your best friend.

Donors are like houseplants: each one has different needs. My fiddleleaf fig tree doesn’t need the same amount of sunlight as my snake plant, but they both need love in their own way. It’s your job to understand them—just like your donors. That’s why you need a solid cultivation plan to keep each donor happy and thriving. 

Here’s how you can create a cultivation plan:

  • Develop a system to check in with your donors regularly.

  • Encourage a two-way dialogue, so you’re creating opportunities to get them talking. 

  • Listen to their individual needs and be responsive. 

  • Remember, your goal is to get each donor closer to your mission. 

Donor Boom will guide you through all of these steps and more. Schedule a 1:1 call with Sari today!

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