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How to Go Viral...the Donor Centered Way

Social media is primarily about building awareness of your nonprofit's work and showing impact.

The dream, of course, is that your post will magically go viral and the world will suddenly be knocking on your door wanting to become a part of your mission.

In the absence of that dream scenario, I recommend enlisting your Board leadership and your nonprofit Ambassadors* to help your social messaging have greater reach.

How do you do that? Tag them in your post. Use @their name, and if they have an account on the platform you're using, it will light up their name and send your post to their newsfeed and even make it more visible to their friends. Even better, include your Board and your Ambassadors in executing this strategy by telling them that when you tag them, you want them to Comment and Repost. (Liking isn't enough, though still helpful.)

My client Pam Baker, founder of Women's Coaching Alliance, does a terrific job of executing this strategy on Linked In. After she writes her post, she tags a group of board members and ambassadors to the bottom who she knows will get the word out for her.

This is a fantastically free way of building your list of prospective donors, who have interest in your work. AND, a fantastic way to engage your best donors in the effort. All of which ignites generosity.

And when solicitation season rolls around, don't forget to return to your social media post fans and see who is giving you the thumbs up. Turn that Like into financial support!

*Note: An Ambassador is an enthusiastic fan of your nonprofit who is willing to get the word out to their friends about your work

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