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Make it Easier for Donors to Give Generously

Guiding your donors towards generosity is easier than you think.

If you've bought a coffee lately, you're familiar with the payment screen that swivels your way that invites you to tip. How much you tip is directly influenced by the tipping choices given to you. Yes, you have the option to customize but those preset amounts reinforce acceptable social norms for tipping and also anchor the range you're most likely to tip in the end. Did you plan to tip $1.50 for a $5 latte? Perhaps at one time you might have stuffed a dollar bill in the tip jar. Those transaction options on the screen however just influenced you to tip 30% more.

Your nonprofit's donation transaction page has the ability to establish these social norms for your donors and anchor the range of their generosity. Impact statements next to each donation amount can also ignite this generosity right where it matters most, at the point of transaction.

It's research-backed and in the WSJ today!

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