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How to Get Board Members Enthusiastic About Fundraising

Use this free Donor Boom guide to point your board in the right direction

Your board members are the perfect ambassadors for your nonprofit. They’re passionate about your mission and deeply engaged in the work. However, 70% of nonprofits cite board involvement in fundraising as a significant challenge (Donorbox). 


That’s why Donor Boom created the ‘10 Ways Your Board Can Ignite Generosity Without ‘Asking’ guide. Your board wants to contribute to the overall health of your organization, but sometimes they are unsure of their role. Plus, it's common for people to confuse the word ‘fundraising’ with ‘asking for a donation’. 


In truth, ‘asking’ is only 10% of the effort (and staff can do that part). Your board can engage in so many other actions that improve the donor experience. This guide will help your board play a pivotal role in the fundraising cycle by setting your solicitation up for success.  This resource points them in the right direction.


Click here to download your copy of ‘10 Ways Your Board Can Ignite Generosity Without ‘Asking.’

10 Things Your Board Can Do to Ignite Generosity.png

Looking for a Board Activation Kit customized to your nonprofit's needs? Donor Boom offers this as part of one of our service packages.

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